21 reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best travel destinations in the world

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21 reasons to travel to Costa Rica in 2021

best destinations travel destinations in the world. Costa Rica

If you have never been to Costa Rica, you need to stop what you are doing and start planning your trip. The country is full of natural beauty that will leave you in awe for weeks after the trip. There are so many things to do: surfing on the beach, exploring waterfalls, and going on a zip line tour! Here are 21 Reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best travel destinations in the world.

1. It is open for guests even during the pandemic!

Costa Rica has been open to foreign travel for most of the last year. With Covid-19 making it very difficult for people to find an escape from their homes, Costa Rica is one of the few places in Latin America where you can still get away from it all.

Proactive Government

The government has been very proactive about keeping a clean environment for visitors and making sure that people are taking proper precautions with food preparation to prevent any illness during travel (and not just because they want your money!).

They have also added an extra layer between travelers staying at hotels by mandating hand sanitizer dispensers throughout public areas such as lobbies or hallways, so there’s no risk when shaking hands before exiting on flights.

2. It is one of the worlds happiest countries

Who doesn’t want to be happy?

What better way to exemplify why Costa Rica is one of the top travel destinations in the world than from their own people’s happiness?  With all the gloom in the world, why not travel to one of the happiest locations on earth!

Costa Rica ranked as one of the happiest countries on earth. This is made clear because Costa Rica is the host of one of 5 blue zones on earth, located in Nicoya.

Blue Zone

The Nicoya Peninsula is recognized as the world’s first blue zone. People worldwide come to live and experience this happiness for themselves, attracted by its healthy lifestyle options, including a diet rich in fresh fruits & vegetables that are grown locally with limited pesticides or additives.

a map of the world's blue zones

Daily physical activity (including yoga); social interactions through community gatherings at family-owned restaurants called sodas; low-stress levels thanks partly due to their active vacation culture. They take time out of work hours on weekdays so people can do things like surf before heading home after school around noon! And many other reasons why you should travel there now!

This article will be about how Costa Rica offers an unparalleled opportunity unlike any country else because it has something very few countries have: diversity, health, adventure, and relaxation all piled into one hidden gem location.

To learn more about the Nicoya Peninsula and blue zones, check out the following article: Breaking Down Costa Rica’s Blue Zone – Life to be 100

3. It also plans to become carbon neutral by 2021

Costa Rica plans to become carbon neutral by 2021 fully.

Achievement of this goal will make it the first country in history to be 100% carbon neutral. This includes all public transport, private cars, and airplanes!

solar fields in costa rica

What does it mean to be considered “carbon neutral”?

The idea of carbon neutrality is to balance the amount that one emits with what one has reduced or sequestered.

For example, a person driving an electric car can be considered “carbon neutral” by offsetting their emissions through planting trees and purchasing renewable energy credits.

Costa Rica plans on doing this not just at home but also throughout its economy. They plan to achieve this by eliminating fossil fuels from the transportation industry, including private cars and airplanes.

This goal is ambitious but achievable, considering Costa Rica has long been a nation with 100% renewable energy. Recently they have broken ground on what will be one of their largest solar farms in history!

The farm should generate enough power to supply 50 thousand homes by 2020!

This endeavor continues Costa Rica’s path towards contributing climate change solutions for all people across Latin American countries, too as well- not just its own citizens.

4. Costa Rica’s coffee is among the best in the world

Costa Rica is known for having some of the highest quality coffee in the world.

This is due to the high altitudes where coffee growing occurs and a climate that produces an aromatic and flavorful bean.

Costa Rican coffees are also known for their different flavor profiles – from sweet milk chocolatey notes of Tarrazu all way up through fruity brightnesses like Alajuela or Cartago blends – making it enjoyable even if you’re not usually that into java!

And no matter what your preference might be, you are bound to find something in Costa Rica worth trying at least once. Even those who don’t drink caffeine can still enjoy its versatility when brewed decaffeinated style, too (although make sure this isn’t just instant).

The country has been producing specialty-grade beans since 1822 and continues to be a premier coffee producer year after year.

5. You can see sea turtles hatching.

In Nosara, Costa Rica, there is an annual sea turtle hatchling release that’s worth checking out.

On this magical night, you can see as many 25 baby turtles hatch and scramble to the sea where they will live their entire lives! The event is popular with tourists who want a little more than just sunbathing on vacation – but it also helps fund future conservation projects in which our diligent volunteers are involved throughout Costa Rica.

Watching turtles hatch always makes for a fantastic site, but this event, in particular, is something you should not miss!

6. Surf on the Nicoya peninsula

Surfing in Costa Rica is one of the best places to surf in the world.

For years, watersport enthusiasts have flocked to the Guanacaste region – specifically Playa Guiones on the Nicoya Peninsula – for what is considered to be some of the best surfing conditions in the world. Backed by lush tropical jungles and protected by the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, the area boasts more than 350 surfable days a year, with 90% of them offering waist- to head-high waves. Few places offer surfers that kind of consistency, almost guaranteeing your chances of ideal conditions regardless of your length of stay and your surfing ability.

The frequency has also given rise to many great pro surfers like Patrick Gudauskas, who rides them frequently throughout his career!

Nosara also has some beautiful beaches and a pleasant year-round climate, making it an excellent option for family vacations! The town is very laid back with plenty going on at night too! So if you’re looking where your kids will be entertained and give this one consideration no matter what time they are ready to, there’s something always happening here (surfing lessons from sunrise till sunset)!

7. It’s so biodiverse

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse locations on Earth, which means it is home to the most species from any given area.

There are more than 1300 different recorded types of trees and plants in Costa Rica! This includes rare rainforest habitats such as evergreen tropical forests or dry deciduous forests located on elevated mountain slopes (the likes you might have seen before).

There’s also plenty for birdwatchers with 400+ documented avian taxa found here, including toucans called caracaras – all of which can be viewed at one place: Braulio Carrillo National Park.

The park has been a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 due to its wealth of natural history significance- so if learning about nature sounds like fun, then this should make your list!

8. It’s heaven for volcano lovers

If you have always dreamt of world-class hiking volcanoes in the midst of one of the most biodiverse rainforests in the world, then Costa Rica is a must travel destination for you.

If you are a volcano lover, then Costa Rica is heaven for volcanoes.

Some of the best places to hike in this small country include Rincon de la Vieja National Park and Poás Volcano, which has one side with an active crater- perfect if it’s your first time seeing lava!

There’s also Arenal Mountain – where even though it’s inactive now (meaning no more eruptions), some hot springs still exist at nearby La Fortuna, making up part of their famous Hotsprings tour.

So many unique options when considering getting outdoorsy while visiting here!

And since adventures need sustenance, we recommend trying out “tamales” or cornmeal stuffed into banana leaves before embarking on any adventures.

9. It’s the world’s hummingbird capital

Costa Rica is the world’s hummingbird capital.

Over 400 species of hummingbirds call Costa Rica home. The best time to see them is the late winter and early spring, when many migrate from North America for mating season in March or April before heading back around July-August.

10. It’s got some of the world’s best beaches.

Costa Rica has some of the world’s loveliest beaches.

The country has over 550 miles of coastline, and the beaches range from calm to wild. The best time for a visit is November-February, when you’ll have access to not only beautiful sunshine but also low water temperatures, which can get chilly at night! There are hundreds, if not thousands or more great destinations in Costa Rica that offer surfing, too, so grab your board before coming here as it will be easy enough to find waves on any day during this period.

When in Nosara Costa Rica, the main beaches are Playa Guiones, Pelada Beach. Many people will find these to be the best beaches in Costa Rica – also known as one of its most beautiful spots for surfers- but there are many more that offer great surfing or sunsets!

Also: The water quality is generally good, with no red flags on the main beaches.

11. There’s a fantastic zip-wire ride

If you are an adventure seeker, then the zip-wire ride in Costa Rica must-do adventure. The zip-wire is an exhilarating and adventurous ride that takes you from the highest peak to a valley below.

There’s so much more too! Costa Rica has a wildlife reserve, hot springs where one can soak in natural pools of water heated by volcanic activity deep underground. And there are also many other great attractions for all types ranging from surfing beaches on Guanacaste Coast or exploring rainforests complete with exotic plants such as Bromeliads which grow up into trees called balsa wood tree forests.

The diversity ensures something interesting will be found at any location – even if it’s just some breathtaking views while driving along Ruta 18. This highway connects most major cities offer spectacular scenery!

To check out the longest canopy tour in the world, click the link here!

12. It’s hard to complain about the weather.

The weather is one of the best parts of Costa Rica, as you truly get to experience it all. Costa Rica has many different microclimates that range from dry to rainy and wet.

The weather is one of the best parts of Costa Rico, as you genuinely get to experience it all! It ranges from a very arid climate in Guanacaste, where there are tropical rainforests with waterfalls galore on both coasts – beaches year-round- and desert regions such as our Arenal Volcano National Park, which showcases some fantastic landscapes too! And then we have those wonderful Central Valley coffee plantations for respite !!

Depending on what you like, green or dry, you can find it in Costa Rica.

13. World-Class Resorts.

Costa Rica has some incredible places for you to stay at very reasonable prices. The accommodations range from eco-resorts to first-class resorts.

Costa Rica has some of the best world-known hotels and restaurants that you will get a chance to experience while visiting our country, including La Mansion Inn (A Luxury Hotel), Kura Hulanda Lodge & Spa, or Radisson Decapolis Tico Beach Resort which are located in Costa Rican’s Pacific Coast.

Royalton Riviera Cancun Golf Course is on an island by one of its most famous beaches Playas del Carmen – also known as “The White City,” with miles upon mile beautiful white sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing! Other great options include JW Marriott Guanacaste near Liberia airport if you’re looking for more hotel-style accommodation.

If you are looking for a little more luxury and perhaps privacy, look no further than at Beach Management Nosara’s property listings.

Beach Management Nosara is the premier property management company in Costa Rica. They are located in Nosara, Costa Rica, and manage and operate high-end luxury villas, perfect for family gatherings, getaways, or retreats.

If you are looking for houses that have a concierge service and are looking to feel well serviced and pampered, then Beach Management Nosara is the perfect fit for you.

14. It’s a global capital of adventure tourism.

Costa Rica is the global capital of adventure tourism. Adventure tourism is a massive industry in Costa Rica, with people worldwide to partake.

First, you have great active volcanoes and mountains for hiking or biking, perfect for year-round activities. Also, there’s ocean sport fishing where anglers go out on boats every day looking up big game fish like tuna as well other types of deep-sea creatures such as swordfish, which can be found off both coasts – The pacific side near Quepos/Manuel Antonio National Park & Caribbean Sea south coast just north of Limón (near Cahuita).

And then we must not forget about our national parks! These places provide an opportunity to explore different ecosystems right at home – rain forests full of dense jungles filled with lush vegetation and beauty.

From ATV rides, horse back tours, water fall rappelling and so much more, Costa Rica is an adventurers haven.

15. It’s close, and it’s safe.

Costa Rica has been identified as one of the safest countries in Latin America. The crime rate is also meager, and it’s one of the best countries to travel with a family.

The Costa Rica Tourism Board reports that “crime against tourists is rare,” but this doesn’t mean you should take risks or be careless when traveling!

Take precautions as if at home – always watch your belongings & ensure they’re not visible from outside pockets/bags, so no pick-pocketing occurs; never leave valuables unattended on public transportation (especially buses) because thieves board them often looking for any opportunity just like anywhere else around the world).

If staying near beach areas, then don’t lose sight of things while swimming: wear life jackets, even children, since strong currents can occur unexpectedly, plus sharks do live off the shores of Costa Rica.

Beach Management Nosara offers Luxury Villas that have full-time security guards and gated communities if you are looking for secure accommodation. Although Nosara is one of the safest places in Costa Rica, it is still essential to take the necessary precautions, as anything is possible no matter where you are in the world.

16. Running water

Running water is very important, especially if you are traveling with a family (see our 27 tips to traveling with a family here! )

Costa Rica has potable water, which is safe to drink. It can be bought in stores, or you may find it at your hotel that will have water available for purchase.

A tourist could also buy a 50-liter container of potable drinking and cooking with purified tap water from any supermarket (supermarket prices vary).

A more expensive option would come by purchasing bottled natural spring waters that are generally widely found throughout the country. Although mineral content varies depending on where they originate, so make sure before buying! Generally speaking. However, it’s best not to consume unknown/unpurified beverages while abroad if possible, just out of safety precautions :).

We recommend booking accommodations from somewhere with the credibility you can trust and that does have water filters and purified water installed in the houses or rooms.


17. Authentic, Costa Rican Food!

Costa Rica has not only delicious food but also some of the healthiest food in the world.

Costa Rican food is a perfect balance of the best from all over Latin America with influences ranging across Africa, Europe, and Asia. With ingredients that are locally sourced (or imported) fresh daily to ensure you always have at least one option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner no matter where in Costa Rica your travels take place!

Here’s just ONE way: “Arepas,” which originated organically among natives as corn tortillas cooked on hot stones heated by the fireside–are now found everywhere around town-in restaurants, cafes, homes, etc.–and can be eaten any time day/night.

They’re popular because it’s like an open sandwich filled up with whatever filling catches your fancy.

18. The Costa Rican nightlife is some of the best in Central America

The capital city of San Jose offers plenty of nightlife with Latin entertainment or if culture is more your thing. The nightlife of Costa Rica is one of the best in Central America. The country’s nightlife is comparable to that found in Miami or New York City, with many bars and nightclub offerings for all tastes and a variety of venues such as comedy clubs where you can take part at your own risk!

What type of nightlife you are into is up to the individual, and Costa Rica has it all. The country offers a variety for any taste, from dance clubs or live music venues with mariachis roaming around town singing their heart out in bars that will take your breath away as well more traditional Latin culture if this suits what an evening should look like while visiting costa Rica! If there’s anything we can promise about our beautiful little Central American gem its that visitors won’t be lacking options when they search “nightlife” on Google Maps- trust us:)

If you are looking for some incredible bars featured right along the beach, then Nosara has some incredible options for you. Places such as Beach Dogs cafe and The Point offer a great vibe and spectacular views of the Pacific ocean. If you are looking for something more on land, try to visit places like Kiki Baja Brewing Company!

19. The people

The people in Costa Rica are true and authentic to the “Pura Vida” way of life. The people are the most inviting, warm, and friendly you will ever encounter in your travels!

We have met so many amazing individuals throughout our time here who we now feel as if they’re members or a family to us because their hospitality has been like no other- not only do these locals invite travelers into their homes but also offer them an all-inclusive vacation experience with activities such rafting through rapids on one side while enjoying wildlife viewing from another.

The people of Costa Rica are trusting and kind. You can leave your house or car unlocked and still feel at ease which is a rare opportunity.

The people are proud of their country and culture as well they should be! Every corner you turn, there’s a new adventure to discover, whether it may be white water rafting or hiking through the jungle – no matter your interest, I can assure you that Costa Rica will provide for all desires with its unparalleled beauty in every direction.

Of course, this will depend on where you are in Costa Rica, but if you are looking for a safe and welcoming area free of heckling and bargaining, then Nosara Costa Rica is truly the place for you.

20. The howler monkeys!

One of the unique parts of costa Rica is waking up to the incredible sounds of nature quite literally in your front yard. Howler monkeys are a favorite of visitors to Costa Rica.

In fact, howler monkeys are so well known that they have become a symbol for the country itself and can be seen on everything from postcards with scenic picturesque scenes down in Carolina or coffee cups at cafés throughout the San Jose de la Libreria.

Costa Rica has many different monkeys throughout the country, with howler monkeys easily being the most common.

Howlers live in groups, known as troops of up to 30 individuals, and are found mainly high on trees where they spend their days eating leaves from plants such as figs oranges.

They typically eat every two hours throughout a day, leading many visitors at our Dos Brasil Eco-lodge Costa Rica to believe that these beautiful creatures have no problem living off just plain fruit!

21. Costa Rica is also host to sloths!

Costa Rica has many different kinds of sloths, including the following:

– Three-toed sloth – They are brown in color and have long claws on their front paws. Their tail is covered with hair which helps them feel secure when they hang upside down from branches high up off ground level!

This type has a life expectancy between 30 years old, but it’s not uncommon for some left alone by humans to get as many at 50 or 60 before passing away. So you could say these guys will be around a while longer than most other animals that live according to this region.

The best way to see sloths:

The best places to see sloths in Costa Rica in the wild are Puerto Viejo, Tortuguero, Manuel Antonio, Uvita, Dominical and the Osa Peninsula.

Hanging out in sloth colonies is a great way to see them, and you can even volunteer with wildlife organizations that help the animals. The best time of year for spotting all types is between November-April (though they’re less active during this season).

You’ll also find more tree frogs than anywhere else– these amphibians tend not to be as photogenic, but their swarms give off an amazing sight!

Hiking through the Panama rainforest or walking along beaches will provide views into worlds filled with monkeys, including Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, and Mantled Black & White Omuris.

Best time to visit costa rica:

Costa Rica has very distinct seasons, so it’s best to visit during the time of year that matches your interests.

In Costa Rica, you will find various climates and terrain from coastlines with some rainforest all around it or mountains so high they are snow-covered for most months out of the year!

Our recommendation:

The country has an immense wealth of natural beauty–that is why we recommend visiting between late April through November when there won’t be many days below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (in other words: quite mild) because this area receives less rainfall than any part outside these dates on either end harking back again tp the desertic conditions found further south making up Cambodia etc.

The best time of year to relax on the beaches in Costa Rica is between November and April, but it is also worth noting that the dry season in Costa Rica corresponds to a higher risk of an earthquake.

All you need to know about Costa Rican climate: The north region has tropical wet forests, while south American rainforests are found on its southern coastlines!

Caiman lizards can be seen everywhere as well at one point or another, from land animals like anteaters up through primates such large monkeys known locally by their name ‘mono titi.’

These countries comprise more than half the world’s biodiversity, with over 20% being endemic–meaning they exist nowhere else besides here (and if so, only barely)! You will find some of the most pristine beaches outside this area, no matter where your interests lie.

You must be convinced that Costa Rica is one of the best travel destinations in the world!  Book your trip today!

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F.A.Q: Frequently asked questions about Costa Rica travel

Are there currently any travel warnings for Costa Rica?

There are some travel warnings about covid-19, but that is it at the moment. The country is open, but you are required to travel with caution.

Is there a Costa Rican military?

There is currently no military in Costa Rica

What is Costa Rica’s main language?

Spanish is the official language in Costa Rica. It should be expected that most people, especially those who are fluent, will speak Spanish to tourists or travelers. English is sometimes spoken but should not be relied upon.

What is the Costa Rican currency?

The currency symbol is a ₡. The name of the country in English, Costa Rica, means Rich Coast because it’s one of the world’s most popular destinations for eco-tourism and birdwatching, with more than two hundred different species identified so far just on the Pacific side alone!